I Forgot Easter

It’s no lie that for the music guy at church, Easter, second only to Christmas, is the busiest time of year. This year, I feel it. I feel it because this week I don’t feel like I’ve done much else than think about this weekend’s services. I have spent more hours this week working on click tracks, printing chord charts, scheduling video shoots and working out lighting cues than I have on anything else. I feel it because it’s Friday Night and I can only think about what I have to do Saturday which begins in 2 minutes. I’m not gonna pretend, however, that this is more than I can bare nor is it more than I was expecting. In all reality, I’m really proud of how well the team I’m a part of has worked together to prepare for this weekend. In fact, preparing for Easter has, in a lot of ways, been easier than I expected. Nevertheless, I feel it. Honestly, I think the reason I feel it, is that I don’t feel it. I don’t feel like it’s Easter.

Now, that I’m to this paragraph, Good Friday has ended. But for me, Good Friday never really began. I didn’t really think specifically about what Christ did on the cross. It wasn’t until late in the day that I even remembered that it was good Friday. I have to admit that I feel guilty because of this. How could I spend this whole week preparing for Easter without actually celebrating Easter and what it means? I let Easter mean, to me, videos and click tracks. I let it be about a set of services. But, that isn’t what Easter is and it isn’t what Easter means.

Easter means that, even though I can loose focus and forget the actual thing I am supposed to be celebrating, it doesn’t change what Christ has done. My focus and perception do not determine reality. Easter, to me, represents the love that Christ had for me in my sin which led Him to the cross. It is the same love He has for me even now in my ignorant indifference. It means hope that even though I’ve lost focus today, I don’t have to loose focus tomorrow. It means that even though I have sinned this week, my sin no longer counts against me because, just as Christ passed from death to life, so too has He brought me out of death into life. It means that on Sunday, as I ask my church to sing, I’m not inviting them to sing about a dead man, I’m urging them to worship a mighty, living King who taught death the meaning of its name. Easter means every act of goodness that has flowed from the work of Christ. It means Every Mother Teresa and Martian Luther King, Jr. It means forgiveness big enough for every act of evil and injustice. It means grace that is mightier than man’s worst of worst. Easter means Freedom. It means Life. It means purpose. It represents hope, mercy, goodness and love. Easter means this and so much more, regardless of what I seemingly make it mean.


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