Radical Mercy

In light of the conversation about whether or not we should allow refugees into our country, I felt that there is a deeper issue presenting itself that needs to be addressed.  I get that this is a political issue and that it isn’t a decision that can be made completely based on my Christian ideals. However the heart behind what I see a lot of Christians saying needs to be addressed.

All generosity and acts of mercy have a risk. How do you know that a homeless man you help isn’t a potential murderer? How do you know that the women whose groceries you bought isn’t an alcoholic who neglects her children to the point that they suffer? There is always a risk when you help someone. The biggest argument I see against letting in Syrian refugees is that there is the risk that terrorist might sneak in with those seeking help. That’s the risk. I’m all about screening and taking security measures. But how can we be so selfish as to deny people help, because we are afraid of being harmed? Should we deny help to those who need it because we risk being infiltrated by terrorist? Should we offer help only to those who identify as Christian? No. Thats the most non christlike thing I’ve ever heard. I have hard time thinking that this is what Jesus would have done. If someone needs a bed give them mine. If I get blown up and die because of it, that is just the price of mercy. It’s the price Christ paid for me, when I was a refugee. As Christians, I think we should be willing to do the same.

I keep hearing many Christians say that radical, Jihadist Islam, is the biggest threat to Christianity. But the biggest threat to Christianity is Christians acting out of fear and not the power that Christ gives to us. If in the face of suffering we do not show mercy, suffering wins. If we let our fears keep us from showing the love of Christ, then we might as well just surrender the world to death. By not helping those who need help, the enemy of Christ wins. I will argue that he wins more, then anyone ever could by blowing up buildings and killing civilians, because at that point he has have effectively crippled the body of Christ. The Christian’s answer to radical violence must be radical mercy. Where they might be willing to kill to show their faith, we must be willing to die to show ours.


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