This last week, I got to go back home and visit my family. Having spent more time in Ohio over the past 3 years than I have in my home state of Missouri, the idea of what it means to be “home” has been on my mind.

Home has always been the place I have returned after visiting another place. However, in recent days, home is the place I visit. This has caused me to question what it means to be home. Is home a singular place or can one have multiple homes? Can “home” be a state of mind held by those who have come to a place of personal peace?

Whenever I go “home” I think of how different my life would be had I not left. I have to consider the opportunities I have had and those I haven’t because I have left. These considerations have led me to the realization that, for me, I had to leave. Had I stayed, I would have never been pushed to grow like I have.

Because I’m kind of a songwriter and I write about that which I have been thinking, I wrote a song about it. Forgive the bad piano playing. It’s not my thing.  It’s called…. You guessed it… “Home”.


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